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“For myself and Asha it’s challenged us to do things that we could/ would not do in regular gyms. We both feel more confident using weights and are doing moves on the gymnastics equipment we thought we could never do. Also, it’s been great for our mental well being as it’s a hour of out time, switch off just working out in a fun and safe environment”

alps & asha’s story

“I joined CrossFit Harrow because of the quick and efficient response from when I filled out the No Sweat Intro online and then a really warm welcome when I first came into the gym. I love the Community feel, really friendly and welcoming environment and that all abilities are supported and encouraged to do well 👏🏻 In 3 months I already feel stronger and fitter. I love the challenge of each class and the accomplishment I feel when I’ve left the gym after a really hard session. Can’t wait to see where I am after another 3 months.”

molly’s story

“Meet Charles who joined CrossFit Harrow as he was keen to be challenged. He loves the flexibility of classes, positivity and coaching. He feels that CrossFit provides more structure to his days and helps to reduce stress! Not only has Charles got stronger, he has reduced his body fat, he is more flexible and learnt a lot of new skills on his journey.”

charles’ story

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