THE CrossFit Harrow STORY

Lorenzo Scelsi owner of CrossFit Harrow

Lorenzo Scelsi - OWNER

Lorenzo opened the business from scratch in 2015 for his love for CrossFit. He has worked within the fitness industry for over 14 years and found CrossFit himself in 2012. He has dedicated his whole career to helping and changing thousands of lives. During his career, Lorenzo has also attained teaching qualifications delivering on topics such as Sports Nutrition, Psychology in Sport and Sports Performance. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him, which he translates into his coaching and every aspect of the business.

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OUR coaches

Kees Timmerman coach at CrossFit Harrow

Kees Timmerman


Kees first got involved in CrossFit in 2015 as an intern and found so much love for the sport. He has dedicated his whole life to coaching and developing people. Kees has led group lessons with children, young adults and adults as well as having worked within the Personal Training sector of the industry. He is very determined to grow as a trainer and stay up-to-date on new movements, techniques, and methods to maximize and unlock the potential of his clients.

Sophie Lane coach at CrossFit Harrow

Sophie Lane


Sophie began her CrossFit journey in 2016 when she joined the local CrossFit community while living in Portugal. Training, competing and learning everything she could from the experienced coaches and members, led her to aspiring to become a coach herself. With a Degree in Sport & PE and over 8 years of personal training and kids coaching experience, when Sophie moved back to the UK in 2019 she began her CrossFit coaching journey and hasn't looked back!

Sophie is an enthusiastic, encouraging and passionate coach who applies the knowledge, experience and skills she has acquired to every individual she coaches. She lives by the motto “intention not perfection”.

Subathira Surendran coach at CrossFit Harrow

Subathira Surendran


Subathira has 4 years experience with the Army Cadets along with a degree in International Economics and Trade. Subathira shares a huge passion for fitness and spent 18 months specialising in Powerlifting. She found CrossFit in 2018 and has been an advocate since. Subathira is our Member Support Manager, this means she will follow your journey from your very first day, giving you all the support you need from the start.

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