Count Your Blessings

We have food on our tables, we have clean water and we have opportunity. It is 2022 there is opportunity everywhere. Do you realize how

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You Decide Your Future!

At some point you have to figure out what it is you want and draw the line between your needs and your wants… not only

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Are You Happy?

Making the choice to be happy requires practice, showing gratitude and appreciation. It requires the ability to keep coming back to a certain frame of

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Are You One of Those?

For me CrossFit has been the most definitive and quantifiable way to test fitness. The exposure to high volume training however has been detrimental to

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Making Some Changes

You can’t control the outcomes until you’ve done all the behavioural patterns to adhere too. So instead of focusing on the outcome losing the 3

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Chase Goals Not Rabbits

Here’s why you have a coach: There’s too much out there. You know you can’t do everything. A lot of it looks—or sounds—good. I’m talking

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