You’ve got that friend too huh… Chances are, you have at least one friend who’s into CrossFit—like really into it. You may be curious why they’re always talking about reps

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Meet Matt!

Successive lockdowns have made me realise how much I love the challenge of classes, of working out with other people and pushing each other on.

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Meet Georgina!

CrossFit has helped me to feel healthier and stronger. I found the intro sessions really informative and useful, giving me the grounding and confidence I

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Meet Ioana!

Meet Ioana! Ioana joined CrossFit Harrow because she was curious about CrossFit and wanted to be part of a community! ‘I feel more confident and

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Meet Hasmita!

Hasmita took part in our 30 Day Nutrition Challenge and we are so so proud of her results! ‘I lost 3cm off my waist and

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Meet Mona!

Who joined us in June 2021 with goals to lose weight and tone up. She wanted to build her confidence back up again and improve

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Meet Addy!

The classes are tough, but I manage to get through them. When I first started, I would often get to the point of totally giving

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Meet Aaron!

I’ve found the beginners sessions incredibly helpful for my physical fitness and my mental health. I’ve already noticed small changes in what I can do

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Episode 69 : Charles Bailey

Our goal over the next 52 episodes is to share 52 different stories. This week we share Charles Bailey’s story. Charles explains how he found

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