If You Needed A Sign, This Is It!

Something we hear all the time is ‘I’m gonna go to gym and get fitter before I come to CrossFit’ ‘ I want to get my fitness up before I try CrossFit’.

CrossFit is currently the only organisation that has been able to define fitness. If you haven’t heard of this before check it out on the CrossFit journal.

Why do you need to be fit to start? You have to start from somewhere. It’s mad to think people go the gym to get fitter to take part in CrossFit. That’s what it’s there for.

It is also crazy to think people drive to the gym to run on a treadmill 👀 ‘but that’s none of my business’ ☕🐸

Take starting a new job for example, you are not expected to know how to do your role from the beginning. You go through a learning process each and every time you find yourself in a new position in your career. Colleagues will help you, managers will guide you and you progress every day. Using CrossFit as a training method is the exact same, they girls and guys who take part help you, your coaches guide you and you make progress every day.

You will always need a starting point in anything that you do. It’s crazy to think you need to get fit to try CrossFit to get fit?! How mad does that sound

So do you need to be fit to try CrossFit? The simple answer is No.

Regardless of your fitness ability, come and talk to us. We are a community and we will help you.

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