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I was very nervous/excited about getting back into exercise after such a long time. I lost confidence all-round when I stopped exercising and put on weight, so suddenly it was scary going back to the gym and if I’m being honest, a little bit embarrassing for me to no longer be at my previous fitness level.

I’ve never really enjoyed the environment at standard gyms, so I was eager to find somewhere that was friendly and supportive with more of a community vibe. I tried CrossFit out in 2017 very briefly and liked it but remember feeling intimidated by all the running and burpees (lol look at me now) at the time so put it on a back-burner “until I was fit enough to go”.

In the build-up to my birthday this year, the ad for CrossFit Harrow randomly came up on my Instagram feed which is when I saw that I could do CrossFit as a beginner and signed up to start sessions.

So, three months on, I can honestly say this has been one of the best decisions I have made. Although I have a long way to go physically, I cannot emphasise how much the sessions have helped me to start believing in myself again, become more disciplined and improve my quality of life. I still have my off days here and there but I’m mostly leaving the sessions proud of myself which is such a positive step for me as I can be very self-critical. I also liked that I could get a feel for the WOD classes whilst still doing On Ramps, each week I was so nervous before coming to class but it’s been fine every time, and I’ve met a few of the members who are all lovely.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you all for the warm welcome each class and a big thanks to Grant for his guidance, cheering me on and having patience with me when I have a mental block with lifts lol. I’m really excited to continue classes and push out of my comfort zone.


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