Meet Matt!

Successive lockdowns have made me realise how much I love the challenge of classes, of working out with other people and pushing each other on. It’s a truly supportive environment and I’ve made real, tangible improvements to my strength and technique. I’ve always found nutrition really difficult when work gets busy but having a clear structure to plan within and such good support and sensible, flexible guidance about how to eat, what to eat and when to eat has been amazing. I’m excited to see what more progress I can make in the next few months!

Matt has been with us for just over a year! When he first came to us his goals were to lose weight, commit to regular classes, make his wellbeing and exercise a priority!

Lets look at his progress:

-Lost 12kg from taking part in our 30 Day Nutrition Program

-Completing Fran in 06:58

-Attending over 100+ Classes

-1RM Deadlift @130kg

-1RM Power Clean @70kg

-1RM Bench Press @65kg

-1RM Back Squat @100kg


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