The Secret

EVERYONE wants to know the “SECRET” to success.

People spend their whole lives looking for it.

It’s not complicated but we have a tendency to make it complicated.

It’s not fancy. I think Jeff Bezos says that ‘ be stubborn on your vision but flexible with your approach’

It’s not glamorous. It IS extremely effective.

I think, There are 4 pillars: and these 4 pillars are things that I personally believe will change and improve your rate of success. They have mine and I am a very very small fish in a big pond.

EFFORT You have to put in the effort in to whatever you want success from. It doesn’t fall on your lap. You don’t get a magic lamp and get to rub it once let alone three times. You’ve got to put the effort in.

CONSISTENCY Think of chopping a tree down with an axe. You have to hit the tree in the same spot over & over & over again. It does you no good to go up & down the tree swinging wildly. You have to hit the same over and over again. And it is the exact same to your fitness goal or even your career goal. Whatever it is and what ever you do. Consistency always win.

SELF-AWARENESS & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT I touched on this last weeks episode. You have to want to improve and develop as an individual for any kind of success. It is the only way that success will be genuine and sustainable. Think about sharping the axe in order to cut that tree.

You have to have a sharp blade. It does you no good to pound away at a tree as hard as you can in the same spot with a dull or wornout blade. You have to notice when the blade gets dull, take a minute, step back, and sharpen it.

However you cant do this all alone.

You need people along your journey to unlock your potential. You need to give opportunities in order to receive them.

The more positivity you contribute, the more EVERYONE progresses and contributes back to you.

It’s not always a celebration not is it always fun.

But the truth is…if you truly care about someone or something you want to achieve, then you should hold them accountable to their highest potential, push them to improve, and DEMAND their highest level of performance…and that goes both ways. Doing ANYTHING good takes the focused, dedicated, and loyal efforts of many.

A GREAT TEAM or a great network of people. You will be pleasantly surprised how many people will actual help you or want to see you do better. They will hold you accountable naturally by helping, because they care about you. They will push you to improve and they will tell you do to better. If they genuinely care, they will be part of that support network.

And a BIG part of having a great team of loyal people that care about you…is showing them GENUINELY that you appreciate the contributions (no matter how small) they make to your cause.

Think of how many people contribute to your life (family, business contacts, customers, bosses, and especially employees), your success, and your happiness, and make it a habit to let them know they are GENUINELY appreciated…

Then, watch how much better your life gets because of it.

GENUINELY show appreciation to those who contribute, and contribute back to them at every opportunity…because WITHOUT EACH OTHER WE HAVE NOTHING.

PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE Even if you swing as hard as you can, in the same spot, with the sharpest blade…cutting down a tree takes time. You can’t do it in just a few swings. You have to keep going until the tree starts to fall and gravity brings it all the way down.

And this is where a lot of us fall off.. a lot of us give up so early. you’ve done the first 3 pillars to success but fail at the 4th and don’t learn from it. It then becomes a viscous cycle. What was the last thing you achieved? Have a think, does all 4 fit in to why you achieved it? Lets take learning a double under in the gym for example.

Effort – you’ve been going to the gym, getting up before dawn or going straight after work. Effort – tick Consistency – you’ve started the gym lets say in October and its now June, you’ve been training 3-4 times per week for the last 9 months

Consistency – tick Self awareness – personal development – as your training and learning this skill you’re listening to your coach, taking their cues and trying to apply them. You’re on the train or sat at work and you’re watching slow mo videos on how the rope passes you and you’re like right now I see. You are open to feedback and you’re willing to work for it. You’re not expecting your coach to demonstrate and just by demonstrating you think you pick up the skill. You are becoming self aware after every rep, you’re understanding the timing, where you are in relation to the rope.

Self awareness – personal development – tick

PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE – its been 9 months and you haven’t giving up. You’ve tried new things, you noticed what was not working and what was, a double bounce or single jump in between. You have 100000000 of failed reps but guess what because you didn’t give up and you kept on going you’ve nailed your first double under.

If you are not making the progress you think you should and can’t figure out why…I 100% GUARANTEE you that the answer is in one of the 4 elements of the axe.


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