What ‘Toning’ Really Means?

‘I want to ‘tone’.

I don’t want to become too bulky, I just want to be toned. something that unfortunately may never go away. The aim of today is to educate you in some goal setting and identify what it is that you really want from your training. The word tone should not exist in the fitness industry but unfortunately it does.

What people mean when they say tone is that they want to be lean. They want to have lean muscle and they want a noticeable difference in that especially aesthetically, but not adding mass. Not bulky.

Advice to a female, you don’t produce enough testosterone to be ‘too bulky;

Advice to males to be ‘really bulky’ you need to eat shit loads of good food and tonne load of protein.

If at this point you wanted to be bulkier .. well guess what my fitness friend you’d need to eat in a calorie surplus.

When you see athletic day to day people who are in good shape, someone who you look at and think yeah they are in pretty good shape. these people just have a high percentage of lean mass and in your eyes looked ‘toned’ in quotation marks.

The real way to burn calories is to increase your muscle mass. That means lifting weights.

If someone has claimed they’ve used bands their whole training career, or some other bullshit, please delete that or at least stop listening to them. It is absolutely not true.

This is how sales works.

Product. Great athletic body. Great athletic body uses product – world goes mad and supports bullshit ideas. Someone makes a lot of money and so many misinformed buyers.

So when you say you want to ‘tone’ , what you mean is you want to be leaner. You lose fat or gain fat. As simple as that, stop being sold the dream of ‘toning’ muscles…’


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