Why I signed up for The CrossFit Open – Rebekah Paul

What made you sign up?
Peer pressure… but in the nicest possible way! It was the support and (not always gentle) encouragement from friends and the coaching team, and their belief that I was capable, that pushed me to sign up. And I was so pleased I did!

What did you enjoy most about the Open?

Seeing our CrossFit Harrow community in action was epic. It was such an electric atmosphere in the Box each Friday evening, buzzing with the energy of those working out and the anticipation of those waiting in the wings, cheering every rep and every achievement for everyone.

And there’s nothing like the taste of that first beer once you were done with the workout…

What did you learn from taking part in the Open?

Aside from learning a little more about my limits (hint: they can always be pushed a bit further) it was that everyone around the world does the exact same workout – from the beginner to the elite of the elite! Watching the elite athletes smash through the workout announcements was amazing. But it was also fun chatting about the workouts with CrossFitters from other Boxes.

What is something you wish you knew sooner?

Scaling the workout is not admitting defeat.

Yes, the workouts are tough, and there are likely to be some movements you haven’t mastered yet (I am still not convinced I will ever manage to do a pull up!). But that’s why there are Rx, scaled and foundation versions of each workout.

And if you feel like the scaled version is too easy, that’s the time to remember that it’s easy because you have trained damn hard to make it feel that way. So go and boss it!!

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Probably not last year – I wasn’t long into my CrossFit journey and it was my first Open. I gave it 100% of what I had to give and I was happy with what I achieved and have no regrets.

But I am headed into the 2023 Open with a slightly different mindset. Taking all the learning and training from the last year, I am hoping to be a little more fearless! I now know I can push myself a lot harder than I could have imagined a year ago, and even though I will be working around an injury, I am interested to see what I can do.


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