Why I signed up for The CrossFit Open – Simran Rifat

What made you sign up?
Initially I was a bit scared to sign up as I thought the open was only for professionals but once I spoke to the coaches about what it actually, I contemplated about signing up! It was a really good way for me to test my fitness abilities- really figure out where I’m at with CrossFit my strengths and weaknesses!! And most of all it was a really fun time for the community to come together and support each other which was really exciting!!

What did you enjoy the most about the Open?
I really enjoyed the community aspect of the open, where people of all ages, genders and abilities came together and supported each other through the workouts! The friendly competitions and sportsmanship made it worth while. Not only that but knowing that you push yourself to your potential and hit new skills and PRs is what was really enjoyable!! The support from the box was also incredible!

What did you learn from taking part in the Open?

I learnt that you can really push yourself to your limits and to not be afraid of trying new things! Being someone who was at CF for only a few months, I was really scared to take part in this mass event, which is global !! But once you just concentrate on what you yourself are doing and push your boundaries, not comparing yourself to other people you genuinely learn so much about yourself !! In a way it a self reflection, then you can take that on board and improve yourself in sessions in time for the next open.

What is something you wish you knew sooner?

What I wish I knew sooner is that it is open to everyone and if you don’t feel like Rxing you can always scale down l, to really get a flavour of the open! It is also one thing I really liked about the open! It is really for everyone and anyone – very inclusive !!

Is there anything you would have done differently?
I would say In terms of knowing now the format of the workouts and timing – I would actually increase my training in prep for it to give myself a fair and realistic chance


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