All or Nothing

All or nothing.

We are creatures of it. Why?

What are we afraid of that we want everything now?

Why do we want to everything perfect from the start when in reality we don’t need too and it’s the journey we enjoy more.

The all or nothing mentality is actually very real and a huge problem especially in the fitness world.

It is here to plague us until we open our mind.

Let me paint you the picture…

.. Sunday night comes around, finished our ice cream after watching some series on Netflix, we’ve prepped our food and our training plan for the week. We’re excited and looking forward to the week ahead.

Or possibly you’ve logged on to your Gym’s workout tracking system and mentally ready to take on the workouts ahead. You are in All In mode.

You’re now midweek, maybe sore from training, works picked up even more and you’re starting to derail. Both your body and mind are starting to deteriorate.  You’ve missed a meal and now you’re in Nothing mode.

Your routine has been disrupted and you’re now waiting for Monday again because, apparently, Monday has all the answers and will make everything right.

We cannot run on motivation alone. Actions breed motivation. These ‘sidetracks’ are part of life and we try and squeeze everything into such short space of time.

It is absolutely okay when things don’t go to plan once we understand the bigger picture. Let’s play the unsexy game of longevity.

We build habits, good habits. The same way you brush your teeth in the morning, it’s installed in you, you don’t think about it.

This way once our ‘routine’ gets knocked and we have a wobble we are still able to stand and support our base.

You can have a lot of inner peace by understanding there is no rush and everything in moderations is better than All or nothing. BUT we know this right? We do but we don’t re-train ourselves, we ignore it and continue with the repeating cycle of ‘Monday’.

Don’t let your desire to do it perfectly get in your way of doing it all.

Turn on Longevity Mode.


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