Are You One of Those?

For me CrossFit has been the most definitive and quantifiable way to test fitness.

The exposure to high volume training however has been detrimental to people’s fitness. I will admit and put my hand up and say that I have repeatedly done too much in my past. Although what I am about to say I have implemented in the last 2 years of my training and now moving into my 30’s it has become even more important that I share this.

I often question times in my 20s where I could have been more intelligent with my training and the choices I made surrounding it and more often than not the biggest dominator would be volume. That would have been at the core of what I would have changed.

High volume training is becoming a bigger addiction than social media. Ask yourself do you need to do as much volume as you’re currently doing.

CrossFit has a lot of amazing things about it, but what thing that sticks out for me and everyone who is in a positon to do so, should do better and that’s educating the community on CrossFit as a sport and CrossFit as a fitness program.

The purpose of high volume training and vigorous hours of training is to meet the demands of the CrossFit games. Inside the 4 walls of a CrossFit gym is education, teaching people how to move and love better through fitness.

It is not un common for a general day to day member or the population of CrossFit to be training 2 or more hours a day.

For what reason, I encourage you to take a step back and ask yourself why? Could you achieve what you desired on a smaller training schedule and build the package around training.

Could you achieve the same by reducing volume and increasing intensity?

Yeah no doubt.

Athletes who have desires to win the CrossFit games, make this their sole purpose. They are generally paid to put their bodies on the line. You are not, you’ll be finishing or some even starting work whilst you’re reading this. You are going home to a dare I say normal life.

Full time athletes have built their lives around high volume training. You haven’t.

I am not saying it’s wrong, I myself have done friendly competitions not to the same level but have put myself in those positions but I am asking you to consider your purpose.

Are you getting the most of out it?

Ask yourself –

· Am I moving with intent in my workout

· Am I getting the stimulus out of the workout today?

· Am I getting better?

· Am I injury free

· When did I have a rest day?

· Have I hit any PBs recently?

· Do I enjoy what I do or is it because I have too to fuel my lifestyle.

Some of us try to cram 15 years of training in to 2 years. Be more aware of your intent, reduce your volume, match your effort with your lifestyle choices and have some fun!

Less is sometimes more.


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