Becoming Bulletproof

Most people I think are incapable of seeing outside the realm of their own possibilities. You know, maybe from their observations growing up, their situations at work in life, etc. but it all comes up with it with its own set of challenges. Along the way there’s rejection, you’re told no, you are faced with those things I mentioned before.

However, dreaming big comes with its own set of challenges, mainly and most potentially damaging to a life is the elements of “big goals” combined with an “unawareness” of the amount of effort it actually takes.

 It’s an extremely dangerous thing to expect results overnight or have unrealistic expectations in the amount of struggle it’s going to take.

Most people do quit because they don’t expect it to be that hard. It’s more than any other reason. Their thought process is like, well, the world is against me, I’m getting beaten down here. I’m getting told no, but they don’t look at it in a different light. You should be able to learn from these things and have a different view and not have your head in your hands, and think, Oh, shit. No I can’t do this.

As I said, most people quit because they don’t expect it to be that hard, more than any other reason. But when in actual reality, they’re probably on the right track.

When they see someone else success it is really a case is that they have just stuck it out and not accepted anything less than their own expectations and have lead themselves to be bulletproof, by being told no, by being becoming bigger and better and learning from the mistakes. It is hard for everyone.

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