Meet Addy!

The classes are tough, but I manage to get through them. When I first started, I would often get to the point of totally giving up. Nowadays, I can pretty much complete the whole class without a problem.

I am definitely getting fitter. I’ve almost got double unders, my cleans have improved (something i had a hard time with for ages) I’ve noticed great improvements in upper body strength.

I unfortunately had a setback with a back injury, but I’m back at it now. I’ve lost almost a stone since I first started. Dropped a dress size, came down a few points on my BMI, lost a few inches on my waist. I am no longer in the danger zone when it comes to my health. I still have about 8lbs to lose and I want to come down another dress size.

I enjoy a lot of the upper body work. Bench press, modified pull ups etc. I like double unders. Love the atmosphere in class. Always feel fantastic when the class is over, like I’ve achieved something significant.

I can look in the mirror now and what I see is acceptable. I don’t feel the disgust I used to feel and my confidence is much better. Friends have remarked on the visible improvement in the way I look. Still have a long way to go though.


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