We Are All Our Own Worst Enemy

We stand and look at ourselves and pick ourselves apart and we tend to see the worst in ourselves every time we look.

We make up imaginary “what if” situations and imagine what people “might say” about us if we attempt to do things we truly in our heart wish to do. This holds us back, it holds us back from our true potential.

We tell ourselves our circumstances are different & harder, and that nobody understands.

We are well-trained experts at giving us the exact justifications we need to hear to avoid doing the work to change it, we don’t even ask people around us for a second opinion as we are so fixed and not being able to achieve.

We are told things are the way they are and we should just feel great about ourselves.

The problem is that we are being told that feeling great about ourselves is a “right” and correcting the issue is as simple as saying “I love myself ”…which is the biggest load of shit we are fed.

Look…this is common sense if you break it down:

Why should you have all these attributes –

self-esteem, confidence & self-belief, if all you do is pose through life going through the motions that society has created with no purpose or mission?

You think you are going to develop these qualities and feel amazing about yourself by someone telling you should just be okay?

No…you’re not going to feel great… you have to the work, you have to run the race , you have to fail and occasionally you’ll win along the way.

Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Confidence, Self-Belief are all earned assets.

They are not gifts. They are not character traits. You aren’t born with them. You can’t go to counselling & get them, yeah it might help to talk about them but you have to work for them.

Do the hard stuff that scares you…until it doesn’t…


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