You’re Doing It All Wrong!

How boring is going to the gym just to burn calories. I might russle a few feathers here but these people are miserable, they are drained , they are sick of working out for the sake of burning calories. They are the same person who cant eat a biscuit because they stopped on the treadmill or their workout burned 450kcal and wont be in a calorie deficit if they eat it. Oh fuck off. Honestly.

What kind of lifestyle is that. And to be honest its not their fault, it is what the industry tells you to do. Flip that switch in your head, this a mindset shift.

The gym is not your only solution to fat loss. It plays a part but the integral part is what you’re eating. And most of us fail at that. The example that I can give you is that if you miss that gym for the day or over the weekend, you go ah fuck it of wine, beer, take away whatever it is. You lose focus on it because in your head the gym is where you lose weight.

Have a strategy in place for your nutrition, eat foods that support exercise and not to increase body fat.

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